Facebook Timeline for Pages

As you may have noticed, from the 30th March, Facebook is rolling out the Timeline view to all pages. This provides some creative new features, including:

  • New Cover Photos, which can better welcome customers and advertise your shop and brand. (Tip: These new cover images can be up to 851px x 315px)
  • Ability to change the eCommerce Browser Title Icon image, as well as the title. This allows you to better customize your Timeline tiles to increase click-throughs from your customers.
  • Larger Stories with better incorporation of pictures, allowing you to show off your events better. Along with the option to tag important ones as highlighted or Milestones, so they are given greater emphasis and displayed as full width.

  • App pages now have greater width, so we have updated eCommerce Browser to make the most of this functionality:
    • Images are scaled up to match this layout
    • Number of products per row option has been increased
    • Larger shop banners now allowed, up to 810px wide
    • Shop banner can now have a customer URL separate to the main shop so you can direct customers to a specific location, when they click the banner.
      i.e. Allowing you to place an advert on the banner and link direct to the details of the promotion.

On the downside, Facebook are removing the default landing tab choice, so you will no longer be able to select the eCommerce Browser as your default tab for your page. This is why it is all the more important that you create a nice banner, and customize the eCommerce Browser Tile Icon to encourage your customers to shop. Also, if you don’t have much content, make sure you use the Pinned Flag so that at least the important posts stay at the top of your Timeline. This way, there will always be some content to welcome your customers.

How can I increase the number of Facebook Fans I have?

We all like to be liked, so how can we get more people to ‘like’ us, and become our Fan on Facebook?

Why are fans important?
Your Facebook page not only allows your customers to show that they like you, but can also provide an excellent means of communicating to them as well as gain new customers! Fans of your Facebook page act like ambassadors for your business and brand; their friends will see that they like you and as a result will hopefully be interested in what you do too!

You should encourage your customers to like your page. Try adding your link and logo pointing to your Facebook page (preferably to your vanity URL)…
… to your website landing page
… to your email signature
… to the footer of your invoices and paperwork

If you’re not a designer, there is a great collection of social icons available for free at :

How do I convert a visitor to my Facebook page to a Like?
Well done! You have your customer on your page, but now you need to get them to Like you! Make it obvious to visitors that they can Like your page by creating a welcome screen for your Facebook page. Keep your page active, and regularly add new content and relevant news or offers so that your customers will feel that it is worth Liking the page.

Make it even easier for customers to Like you on Facebook by putting a Like link on your website landing page. Customers can Like you without even leaving your website!

New Improvements

Quick post to let you know about the new improvements to the eCommerce Browser app.

  1. New layout formats. As requested, you can now choose between Single or Dual column layout.
    • Single Column View (New) allows you to display your product category along the full width of the centre Facebook window and creates a Categories drop-down filter at the top of the page to allow customers to navigate around your products
    • Two Column View (Original) allows customers quick access to categories, making it easier to find the product they require on larger shop catalogs.
  2. New Facebook Facebook Like button. Along with the original share button, you now have the option to have “like” buttons for each of your products. Even faster for your customers to share your products with a single click.
  3. Google Product XML , in-case we don’t support your shop system we now accept Google Product Feeds. This allows you to start advertising your existing shop without the need for any plug-in installation. Where we have created a plug-in for your shop, we recommend you use it, as it provides a faster refresh for new products & specials.

Got any suggestions or improvements? Drop us a comment below!

Increase Take-up from your Facebook page

With the full-featured versions of our App, each product provides a link directly to your shop. This means that you can use eCommerce browser to entice people over to your online shop from your Facebook. Just like a nice shop window display on the high street. But! You need to do all you can to show off your products and remove barriers stopping sales so we would recommend the following:

There is no need for your wall to be the first thing a user sees on your page, as wall posts will automatically display in your fans’ news-feeds! If you switch the shop tab to be your Facebook landing page, this will ensure that your great products and offers can be displayed as soon as a visitor arrives.

To change eCommerce Browser to be default page:

  1. Go to the Facebook Page that you wish to edit.
  2. Click on the ‘edit info’ link near the top of the page.
  3. Click on ‘Manage Permissions’ on the left hand menu.
  4. Select ‘Online Shop’ (or whatever you have renamed it to) from the dropdown for ‘Default Landing Page’.
  5. Click on ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom.

Alternatively, create a welcome page that promotes a few items and encourages users to view the rest of your product catalog. You can create a welcome page, using our new FREE app, without the need for any HTML skills:

You can also make your eCommerce Browser tab more welcoming by renaming it from online shop to something that will encourage action from your future customers e.g. a gift shop might change it to “Great gift ideas” as people are more likely to click and have a look. This is done as follows:

  1. Go to your Facebook page, and click on ‘Edit Info’ (near the top of the page)
  2. On the left-hand menu, select ‘Apps’.
  3. Click on ‘Edit Settings’ under ‘eCommerce Catalog Browser’.
  4. On the popup dialog, change the name of the ‘Tab’ to whatever you want, and click ‘Save’, then click on ‘Okay’.

Have over 25 fans? Claim your short / Vanity URL!

If you have more the 25 fans you can claim your short URL. Ideally, you
should try and get your first 25 fans quickly, in order to claim it as
soon as possible. You are be able to choose your Vanity URL at http://www.facebook.com/username just like a user selecting a username for their profile.
instead of the long version:

Why is this important?
If you have a vanity URL, you can provide your customers with simple
shortcut to your Facebook page. The easily-remembered URL helps to
strengthen your brand and improve traffic to your page, and then
hopefully, your website too!

Don’t worry! Any old links to your Facebook page will still work; it’s
just a shorter (and tidier) URL that is easier to advertise and easier
for your customers to remember.

Please take care when choosing your short URL as you can’t change it
after registration. Make it something that is clearly linked to your
business, and to your website. Check your spelling carefully; once
you’ve submitted it, you can’t change it!

For more details:

Dear Customers,

We have regretfully decided to close eCommerceBrowser to all new customers. We have come to this decision because Facebook made a change so the tabs/apps can only be installed to Pages with more than 2000 likes, as of Mid-2018.

In addition to this Facebook has previously chosen to block tabs from being visible on their mobile site and at the same time launched their own e-commerce advertising, resulting in reduced conversion rates.

However, we have been told it still works well for a few pre-existing customers and at present we will try to continue to keep the site active whilst they find the system useful.

Kind regards

eCommerce Browser Support Team