New Improvements

Quick post to let you know about the new improvements to the eCommerce Browser app.

  1. New layout formats. As requested, you can now choose between Single or Dual column layout.
    • Single Column View (New) allows you to display your product category along the full width of the centre Facebook window and creates a Categories drop-down filter at the top of the page to allow customers to navigate around your products
    • Two Column View (Original) allows customers quick access to categories, making it easier to find the product they require on larger shop catalogs.
  2. New Facebook¬† Facebook Like¬†button. Along with the original share button, you now have the option to have “like” buttons for each of your products. Even faster for your customers to share your products with a single click.
  3. Google Product XML , in-case we don’t support your shop system we now accept Google Product Feeds. This allows you to start advertising your existing shop without the need for any plug-in installation. Where we have created a plug-in for your shop, we recommend you use it, as it provides a faster refresh for new products & specials.

Got any suggestions or improvements? Drop us a comment below!

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