How can I increase the number of Facebook Fans I have?

We all like to be liked, so how can we get more people to ‘like’ us, and become our Fan on Facebook?

Why are fans important?
Your Facebook page not only allows your customers to show that they like you, but can also provide an excellent means of communicating to them as well as gain new customers! Fans of your Facebook page act like ambassadors for your business and brand; their friends will see that they like you and as a result will hopefully be interested in what you do too!

You should encourage your customers to like your page. Try adding your link and logo pointing to your Facebook page (preferably to your vanity URL)…
… to your website landing page
… to your email signature
… to the footer of your invoices and paperwork

If you’re not a designer, there is a great collection of social icons available for free at :

How do I convert a visitor to my Facebook page to a Like?
Well done! You have your customer on your page, but now you need to get them to Like you! Make it obvious to visitors that they can Like your page by creating a welcome screen for your Facebook page. Keep your page active, and regularly add new content and relevant news or offers so that your customers will feel that it is worth Liking the page.

Make it even easier for customers to Like you on Facebook by putting a Like link on your website landing page. Customers can Like you without even leaving your website!

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