Facebook Timeline for Pages

As you may have noticed, from the 30th March, Facebook is rolling out the Timeline view to all pages. This provides some creative new features, including:

  • New Cover Photos, which can better welcome customers and advertise your shop and brand. (Tip: These new cover images can be up to 851px x 315px)
  • Ability to change the eCommerce Browser Title Icon image, as well as the title. This allows you to better customize your Timeline tiles to increase click-throughs from your customers.
  • Larger Stories with better incorporation of pictures, allowing you to show off your events better. Along with the option to tag important ones as highlighted or Milestones, so they are given greater emphasis and displayed as full width.

  • App pages now have greater width, so we have updated eCommerce Browser to make the most of this functionality:
    • Images are scaled up to match this layout
    • Number of products per row option has been increased
    • Larger shop banners now allowed, up to 810px wide
    • Shop banner can now have a customer URL separate to the main shop so you can direct customers to a specific location, when they click the banner.
      i.e. Allowing you to place an advert on the banner and link direct to the details of the promotion.

On the downside, Facebook are removing the default landing tab choice, so you will no longer be able to select the eCommerce Browser as your default tab for your page. This is why it is all the more important that you create a nice banner, and customize the eCommerce Browser Tile Icon to encourage your customers to shop. Also, if you don’t have much content, make sure you use the Pinned Flag so that at least the important posts stay at the top of your Timeline. This way, there will always be some content to welcome your customers.

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